Acoustic Engineering Startup Wins $170k To Upscale Wind Turbine Blade Damage Detection

Adelaide-based acoustic engineering startup, Ping, was awarded a $170,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

The grant was given to startup Ping Services to help trial, upscale, connect and launch its device Ping Monitor to domestic and international markets after six years in research and development.

The Ping Monitor is a world-first application of aero-acoustic analysis to help continually detect wind turbine blade damage. The device offers the $94.9bn global wind power industry a responsive monitoring system for wind turbine maintenance and repair.

Up to 23 per cent of wind turbine failures can be caused by blade damage and it is estimated that each year operation and maintenance can claim up to 30 per cent of a wind farm’s operational budget.

The Ping Monitor technology is a significant advancement to the current method of inspections which are carried out on an ad-hoc or annual basis. The use of drones, hi-res photography on-site or manual inspection is current best practice, often involving costly and slow turbine-by-turbine surveying.

Any undetected damage can become more serious over time, increasing the cost of repair and maintenance and also increasing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Ping Monitor allows for a more efficient generation of energy from wind turbines, with less downtime, a reduction of operating costs and proactive repairs of damaged wind turbine blades.

The device also uses Myriota satellite communications which allows for easy and efficient transfer of data from remote sites.

Matthew Stead, CEO, Ping ServicesMatthew Stead, CEO, Ping Monitor says, “over the last six years we’ve been developing this innovation which we believe will create a seismic shift in how wind farms operate and which could save big operators hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.”

“Trials have been run with large commercial partners to run prototype field trials, analytics and fault detection algorithm testing in the US and Europe.”

“The team at Ping is very excited about winning the funding and will increase the number of international trials we are running with large wind farm operators.”

Offers for federal grants worth $5.4 million were given to support 12 businesses across Australia.

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