Circular Essentials Brand MANRAGS Makes Reusing, Repurposing and Recycling Fashion Easy

Founded in 2016, MANRAGS was created as a response to the alarming statistics that Australians send 80% of their wardrobes to landfills annually, alongside half a billion kilograms of textiles – 95% of which could have been reused or recycled.

Passionate about reducing textile waste in Australia, the brand has already had a profound impact on the fashion industry.

In fact, since its inception, the Australian essentials brand has now saved more than 30,000kg of textiles from landfill.

With the sole purpose of combatting the damaging effects of fast fashion, the sustainable fashion brand has launched multiple initiatives, the newest being Clothing Recycling Collection that allows individuals to have unwanted textiles and shoes picked up from their doorstep to reduce textile waste.

MANRAGS founder Michael Elias said after the success of their sock recycling program, they launched the world’s first digital direct-to-consumer textile recycling initiative, allowing Australians to have 10kg of clothing, linen and shoes collected from their front door to be reused, repurposed and recycled.

“Over 30,000kgs of textiles have been saved from landfills and over 120,000kgs of greenhouse gases from polluting our atmosphere thanks to our ‘Digital Clothing Recycling Collection Offering’ – and that’s just the beginning,” said Mr Elias.

“The response has been overwhelming.

“Our digital community has grown by tens of thousands and we’ve found that people become genuinely active and engaged advocates for our newfound purpose,” says Elias.

“When it comes to matters of sustainability, we’ve learnt that people are prepared to invest their time, energy and money to create a better future for our planet and its inhabitants,” he said.

Acknowledging that the war on waste is far from over, MANRAGS’s “reuse,
repurpose, recycle” methodology has helped everyday Australians make fundamental changes to their immediate environment.

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