New: Non-toxic Cleaning Products Free Of Single-use Plastic

In response to consumer demand for less plastic and less chemicals in household cleaning products, Australian-owned Pleasant State has launched a “no nasties, single-use plastic free alternative”.

Made in Australia, Pleasant State is a non-toxic, single-use plastic free cleaning brand designed to improve cleaning habits and revolutionise the products households use every day.

The brand’s first product range, the multipurpose glass and bathroom cleaners, will be available for pre-purchase on 19 August 2020.

Pleasant State is the brainchild of two Australian female entrepreneurs, Sian Murray and Ami Bateman, who share a passion for the environment.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, the brand has been bootstrapped and built from the ground up, with the concept being sparked, researched and developed in Australia.

Alarmed by statistics that Australians buy over 23 million single-use plastic cleaning products a year, the founders are on a mission to flip the cleaning industry on its head and, additionally, change the way people look at running businesses.

Pleasant State products are made up of two parts: a concentrated just-add-water bar and a reusable spray bottle.

The bar dissolves in warm water, resulting in what the company describes as a “highly effective cleaning formula”. They say it has been “quality tested against existing household brands” and proven to be “just as effective as traditional offerings – without the nasties, and in a reusable, sustainable format”.

Improving the state of our environment is at the brand’s core, as it embarks on a mission to remove all plastics from our ocean.

Pleasant State pledges to donate either 20% of profits or 2% of sales – whichever is greater – to Take 3 for the Sea, a charity dedicated to ridding the oceans of plastic through education inspired action.

Commendably, it is aiming to be B Corp certified by 20 June, 2021. Pleasant State claims to sustainably source its ingredients and support Indigenous-owned businesses throughout its supply chain as much as possible.

From August 19, Pleasant State is asking Australians to support pre-sales, contributing to its crowdfunding campaign. Funds raised will be put towards the production of their custom glass and silicone bottles, helping bring the multi-purpose, glass and bathroom products to homes by December 2020.

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