Visionary Fleet: IKEA Goods To Arrive To NSW Homes By Electric Vehicle

ANC has unveiled its first commercial electric vehicle fleet, dedicated to its client IKEA’s last mile home delivery services in New South Wales.

The introduction of three 100% electric vehicles is part of ANC’s strategy to introduce an environmentally sound transportation alternative to its clients and their customers. The zero-emissions commercial trucks will save an estimated 36 tonnes of CO2 per annum when compared to a typical diesel equivalent.

ANC’s electric vehicles (EV) comprise a Hino 917 Series truck base built without a motor, gearbox, and exhaust, replaced with SEA Drive 120a electric components by Australian-based SEA Electric and a custom designed cargo box. The modular electric driveline enables the replacement of individual components as technology advances, extending the vehicle’s lifecycle. Components include electric battery packs with a lifespan of over 10 years which are 99.7% recyclable at end-of-life.

As a national provider of delivery services for the likes of IKEA, Bunnings Warehouse, Miele, Williams-Sonoma, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys, ANC took the opportunity to design the cargo box with retail deliveries and the customer experience in mind.

The box stands at a slightly taller 2.5metres, which allows for a larger number of bulky goods to be packed vertically, so it can take an average 17 deliveries per run, compared to the standard 10-12 deliveries per run. The cargo box has built-in padded wall racking to secure and protect the goods in transit. A Kemlite roof allows natural light into the box for greater safety when delivery professionals load and unload the goods.

ANC Managing Director James Taylor said international retailers had been steadily transitioning their fleets to electric vehicles in other countries, but Australia had been slower due to a lack of commercial vehicle supply, availability and investment.

“We are thrilled to become the first commercial electric home delivery fleet provider in New South Wales and pledge our commitment to IKEA’s bold vision for a 100% electric home delivery fleet by 2025,” said Mr Taylor.

“We realise that as a fleet delivery service we have a long way to go but look forward to using our experience and knowledge to change the commercial fleet landscape for the better, for everyone.

“Our fleet consists of over 760 trucks, vans, utes, and crane trucks so the investment in three electric vehicles is just the beginning in ANC’s EV journey.

“We can only have a meaningful impact by working in partnership with industry leaders, clients, and suppliers to speed up the transition to electric.

“ANC is ready for the challenge and has other major retailers ready to commit to EV,” he said.

In addition to launching the EV fleet, ANC is expanding its bespoke route optimisation program to reduce average kilometres driven, another positive environmental impact.

Since March 2018, route optimisation has increased delivery run efficiency with improved delivery density and demonstrated decrease in kilometres driven by up to 30% per delivery run.

Lower kilometres per run means decreased fuel consumption (electric or diesel), minimises brake dust particulate pollution and reduces the fleet’s contribution to traffic congestion.

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