COP26 Climate Conference Postponement Should Not Delay Urgent Climate action – Oxfam

The UN COP26 Climate Conference has been pushed back to November 2021 – a year after it was originally scheduled.

Responding to the announcement, Oxfam Australia Advocacy and Campaigns Manager Conor Costello said the postponement should not delay urgently needed action on climate change which is already increasing poverty and suffering around the world.

“As host, the UK government has the opportunity to take a global lead in pushing for post-pandemic plans to build back a better, greener economy and encouraging other countries, including Australia, to develop more ambitious emissions reduction plans to avoid the worst impacts of climate change,” she said.

“While COP26 is delayed, the promise by wealthy countries to provide $100 billion annually to help poorer nations cope with climate shocks still stands and should be delivered this year.

“The Australian Government would do well to spend the next year delivering on its commitment to revise our emissions reductions.

“At a minimum, we must immediately strengthen our commitments to the Paris Agreement, in line with limiting warming to 1.5°C. And, we must get Australia on the path to zero emissions well before mid-century, including building no new coal mines and shifting to 100 percent renewable energy and exports by 2030,” said Ms Costello.

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Elissa Jenkins

Elissa Jenkins

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