Bohemian Skin Exfoliant Launch: An Unboxing

Today Bohemian Skin launched its new AHA Enzyme Exfoliant. Scrubby stuff for your face! I was lucky to get some in the mail to review along with some other goodies.

Bohemian Skin is an Australian-made 100% natural, certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free certified skincare brand. Here’s my unboxing vid.

The colouring-in sheet was drawn by Australian artist Holly Nielson from Paper Hands. I can’t wait to colour and play!

AHA Enzyme Exfoliant is made from a combination of fruit enzymes and lactic acid created to “detoxify the skin, restore its natural barrier and balance oil production while maintaining hydration”.

I used it for the first time this morning and it sure does smell fruity! I like fruity! This is a good thing! In contrast, the moisturiser smells earthy like the rainforest. They are both good smells – just very different.

Bohemian Skin founder Morgan Littler said the exfoliant was a balance of enzyme, chemical and physical exfoliant, all in one, making it suitable for all skin types and gentle enough for regular use.

“Some exfoliants work by removing dead skin cells from your skin by force, but our combination of natural ingredients and blend of exfoliant types makes it gentle, effective and safe,” Morgan said.

“We’ve used coconut shell powder as a physical exfoliant, which is nonabrasive unlike a lot of physical exfoliants that can actually damage the skin and cause microtears.

“Lactic acid breaks down and dissolves dead skin cells which promotes cell renewal and collagen production without causing sensitivity.

“The natural fruit enzymes we have used dissolve dead skin cells without causing sensitivity or damaging the skins protective barrier, leaving the perfect canvas for maximum serum and moisturiser absorption,” she said.

If your tendency, despite being a sustainability advocate, is to still lean towards the more unethical skincare brands or you love shopping around for new ethical products, be sure to check out Bohemian Skin’s full product range.

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