Watch Out Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Australian Shoppers Are Seeking Sustainable Retail Practices

The popular shopping events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (27 and 30 November respectively) often attract spending in the lead up to Christmas. However, Hubbed, an Australian agnostic parcel collection network, reveals that shopper preferences are likely to change during this year’s four-day spree.

Hubbed commissioned an independent survey of a nationally representative panel of 1,010 Australian shoppers to gauge changing shopping behaviours and preferences as retailers head into the economic recovery. The survey revealed consumers are focussed on sustainability, security, and reliability.

Hubbed CEO David McLean said that, from their research, they know that there continues to be an increasing focus on sustainability with a preference for delivery to locations that reduce logistics, carbon emissions and congestion.

“The security of deliveries when items are left on doorsteps, especially when considering contactless delivery is also of concern to many shoppers,” said David.

“The last mile of the customer purchase journey is the only touchpoint between the retailer and customer.

“This presents an opportunity for the retailer to differentiate its brand from competitors by offering premium delivery choices. Consumers really do look for the reliability and convenience these choices offer,” he said.

David said there had been an acceleration in retailers adapting the Hubbed click and collect services in large part due to its integration with eCommerce platforms allowing the network to be available directly from a retailers shopping cart ahead of the busy Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales period.

The Hubbed network of 2000 collection points enables retailers to offer customers a local ‘Click & Collect’ service, at a location that is open after hours and offers parking. The Hubbed network includes 7-Eleven, bp service stations, Repco, Pack & Send, National Storage, Snap Printing and independent retailers.

The six new shopper preferences that retailers can expect this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to Hubbed research:

1. Shoppers will seek out small Australian brands and stores. The majority of Aussie shoppers will want to support Australian businesses and look for deals from smaller shopping sites or brands. A recent Hubbed survey revealed that 82 per cent of online shoppers say they are more likely to buy from small businesses now than before the pandemic, in the hope of supporting the small business sector in its recovery. If they do purchase from large shopping platforms, 95 per cent of respondents say they would like to see large retailers source their stock from smaller, local businesses and use small Australian suppliers.

2. They will prefer retailers and brands with a low carbon footprint. It is widely reported that the economic shutdowns led to lower emissions and cleaner air. The Hubbed survey found that 87 per cent of shoppers want online retailers and courier companies to continue to find ways to reduce carbon emissions.

3. Shoppers would like retailers to digitise receipts or use recycled paper. More than half (54 per cent) of consumers would like retailers to reduce or eliminate paper by going digital for essential purchase and delivery documentation such as receipts and packing slips. Three quarters (77 per cent) would like retailers to use recycled paper and other recycled materials in their packing and delivery documentation.

Watch Out Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Australian Shoppers Are Seeking Sustainable Retail Practices

4. They prefer bulk deliveries. Major shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can often lead to bulk purchases. However, shoppers are tired of receiving multiple shipments from the one order. Hubbed research revealed that 56 per cent of Aussies want retailers to consolidate deliveries of a single order in one shipment or incentivise consumers to recycle their packaging.

5. Shoppers now seek more options for parcel deliveries. Shopping online is convenient; parcel pick-up is often not. Hubbed found that 22 per cent of online shoppers had to arrive at work late or leave early to collect parcels, and 41 per cent have left parcels at a collection point for days, because they were unable to collect them during business hours. Consumers want to be given more options for picking up their purchases at a time and place that suits them. More than half (55 per cent) of consumers who shop online believe would like retailers to deliver their parcels to local, centralised ‘hubs’, such as petrol stations and convenience stores, from where they can collect their goods after hours. Forty-two (42) per would prefer to pick up their purchases from a self-service parcel locker.

6. Shoppers prefer secure parcel delivery. Hubbed found that 60 per cent of shoppers would be more likely to shop online if they had secure parcel delivery options. Twenty-three (23) per cent opt for signature-on-delivery, to reduce the likelihood of theft at the door.

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